Empty Words


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Empty Words

You both gave empty words,
Can we save this from our last breath,
I've been breaking doors.
To Take it all,
Rinse, Not repeat put to the test
Now we're struggling and taking weight as this,
Undertow will settle blame,
Cause we can't afford to fake this anymore
Shed some light to the common ground
I bare silent answers, Break me out,
Both have scars and wounds to salt
If the foundations blow, it will break this home
Im putting faith in delusions and this don't come easy
(Lay the cards and take it or leave it)
Pressures won't go, now my thoughts are tempting,
(Lay the cards, take it or leave it)
Two minds of conviction that are in an absent sate
(Are you gonna leave this)
This silence rings with consequence
This undertow will drown,
So call it off,
I stand a messenger to the fallen under,
Cant you see were struggling not breathing,
We're fallen without reason
I fall a messenger to a forgotten son
This answers worth fighting for,
Excuses run empty and won't front the debt,
Mistakes cut deep, so catch a breath
Both have scars and wound to salt
If the foundations blow, it will break this home
Won't stand and watch this falter,
Salt in wounds, are the empty words you gave,
(You Gave)
Now I've taken the front of it,
I can't be the saviour of the what is left undone,
Were still struggling,
And taking on weight,
This undertow, this undertow has settled blame,
We can't afford to fake this end anymore
I've fallen messenger to a forgotten son


released July 5, 2013
Music by Drones
Lyrics by Daly George
Engineered, mixed and produced by Daly George
Mastered by Chris Coulter



all rights reserved


DRONES Camberley, UK

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